Bros' was born in 2016 from an idea of Floriano Pellegrino to achieve a vanguard concept in his territory, where millions of people around the world could recognize it.


Our gastronomic experience is divided into two parts: autumn-winter and spring-summer.

We are closed Sunday night and all Monday and Tuesday.


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“We believe that it is the moment to bring back the Mediterranean culture in the front line. We mean that we want to change the center of the gastronomy world to the South of Italy.

_Floriano Pellegrino

Bros', uno scorcio di mondo globale ficcato dritto nel cuore del centro storico di Lecce.

Enzo Paolo Vizzari

In style and technique, this 20 seat restaurant could hold its own in any food capital such as Barcelona, Copenhagen or Milan but the deep south of Italy has never seen anything like this before.

Bruce Palling

Gran rest! Originalidad, sutileza y pensamiento. Armonías que ahondan en Mediterráneo. Juventud y técnica P8,5.

Jose Carlos Capel

1 michelin star

77/100 The Best Chef Awards 2020

4 cappelli Espresso


We are always searching for new talents.
Send your curriculum and cross the fingers. Be Bros'.