Bros'Land - Visionary Food Talk is an international event that will become a point of reference in the fields of gastronomy and art.
It will be a special, avant-garde and inspiring event for new generations that will include, among other things:
- An unique show involving all kinds of art.
- Conversations that will enrich the vision of each listener
- Exclusive spaces dedicated to V.I.P.'s
- Afterparty with selected DJs


If you were to put a compass in the center of Salento, you would pin it exactly in Scorrano! This is precisely why Bros'Land will take place in the foreign, but at the same time enchanting, Bosco Fanò.
A place of authenticity, with a core of a deep-rooted local culture. Exclusivity and avant-garde set against any kind of homogenization.



This isn´t the first time we have organized a Visionary Food Talk. Metaland 2021 was the most innovative and fun event of the year. Food talk, techno music, famous groundbreaking guests and party all night long were some of the things that happened last year. This year is going to be even better and bigger!