Floriano Pellegrino

Floriano Pellegrino, born in Lecce on November 21, 1990, lived between Trepuzzi and Scorrano, is an Italian chef who owns the Bros' restaurant, one Michelin star in Lecce, Salento.

In 2018 he founded the Pellegrino Brothers holding with his partner Isabella Potì. The company currently owns the rights to the Bros' brand, owns the Bros' Trattoria in Scorrano and deals with the. promotion of the two talent, Isabella Potì and Floriano Pellegrino.

He founded the Bros Rugby Club, always managed by the holding company, committed in the reintegration of young people from the Apulian suburbs in a virtuous circuit, which through sport aims to involve them in the Italian and international professional scene.

The passion for cooking was born within the walls of his home: his family ran a farmhouse in his hometown, Scorrano. From an early age he showed a strong predisposition towards food and cooking in general, so much so that together with his
two brothers he was helpful in managing the family business.
After completing his hotel studies, he leaves Salento, travels throughout Europe, landing in the largest starred kitchens, with Luis Andoni Aduriz, Eneko Atxa, Alexandre Gauthier, Rene Redzepi and the French Claude Bosi in London. Among all the experiences, the one at the court of chef Martin Berasategui has greatly marked his professional and human path, giving him back in terms of growth the necessary attitude to become a complete contemporary chef in a short time.

In 2016 he won the Top of Tomorrow award, Touring Club, Surprise of the year of the Golose Identity and Twenty Years Award for San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna. In 2017 he obtained the performance award of the year for driving the Espresso. On 22 January 2018 he joined the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the Art category and in September he obtained the Rising star award for The Best Chef Awards. In November 2018 he obtained his first Michelin star and the following year he was called to cook at the gala on the occasion of the presentation of the 2020 Michelin Guide. In 2019 he obtained the Chef Social of the year award for Food Community Awards and his Bros' restaurant reached 4 hats for the L'Espresso Guide. In January 2020 he participated, with one of the main presentations, in Madrid Fusion, one of the most important gastronomic events in the world, in September he reached the 77th position in the Top 100 of The Best Chef Awards and won ``Prix au Chef de l'Avenir ”for the Acadèmie Internationale de la Gastronomie. In May 2021 he won the award for innovation in the kitchen. In the gala in Amstendan of 'The Best Chef Award 2021' he took the #69 spot of the top 100 chefs in the world.