Metaland is our international summit of gastronomy and entrepreneurship.
It happens every year during summer in Salento. The first edition was entirely digital due to the restrictions related to Covid. Promintent figures such as Valentina Nappi, Ben Reade, Michela Petronio, Paolo Vizzari, Giovanni Lagnese, Mauro Uliassi, Roberto Restelli, Fabrizio Fiorani participated to it. We will host them again but live next summer 2021 together with new guests. Stay tuned!


Metaprogetto is the section research and development of our company, where all our creative products are conceived. Chef, designers, communicators and researches work together to create and develop gastronomic innovation as well as our communications and strategies. Menus, videos, communicative campaigns and the products of our partnerships are the result of this laboratory.


We are always searching for new talents.
Send your curriculum and cross the fingers. Be Bros'.