The mind can do extraordinary things. It is capable to build and strengthen the will of anyone.
I wanted to surround myself with young and capable people. I don’t meant talent but attitude. And be capable to resist and react to my stimuli, willing to raise the standards more and more.


I have chosen the “last” ones, the ones who run away from home, that are searching for a place in the world and who are hungry for a better future .
The rugby had stimulated, educated and saved me. As I wrote in a post not a long time ago, I have created the right and strong base that nowadays supports my thinking and acting.
Year after year, the rules of the rugby has became the rules of my life. The structure of a rugby team has began to shape also my kitchen: a team of trust, the scrum, my “eight men” - the forward team. My entire creative process passes through their hands; Isabella and I, the two “halfbacks” with an important role in the frontline; Isabella, my “number 10”, the fly-half that sorts out the game how no one else could do. Last but not least, my guys in the dining room - my fast “backs” that highlight our work passing the ball to break the defense and score the “try”.


In life, at work or in the kitchen, nothing and no one cares about the “ruck”. Nothing is more important than the teamwork. An essential axiom. I have set goals for a lifetime and I have achieved them by working hard. Not a long time ago, I have undertaken the responsibility and the risk to play a sport that is considered obsolete or maybe “a niche”. I have finally decided to start up a new project to bring and promote this incredibly educative sport in my hometown in Salento.

The rugby was born from a revolutionary act, from a will to break all limits and barriers.
I want this for Salento. A non-stop run over everything.
Are you ready for this brand new project?

_Isabella Potì


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