Bros’ is our vanguard restaurant led by Floriano Pellegrino and Isabella Potì.

Bros´trattoria is our contemporary trattoria in Scorrano, where you will discover Salento and its traditions.

We are waiting for you on 24 June for a special event, where you can share the kitchen with the Pellegrino Brothers: Floriano, Giovanni e Francesco. It will be a unique occasion, as for the first time the three brothers will share the kitchen together!



Bros’ Land is the most visionary and fun event of the year. Food talk and techno music, famous and innovative guests. Conceived by chefs Floriano Pellegrino and Isabella Potì, two stars of modern gastronomy. We have no limits, everything will surprise you! We look forward to seeing you on 9 July.


Live the Bros’ experience behind the scenes or at your home; meet the Chefs and our team !


Discover the collection of products designed by us.

Play Bros’ , Play Rugby!
Follow our team and come to play with us.

Sweet dreams by Isabella Potì.

Bros´trattoria is our research and development section. Brosland is our visionary food talk