Bros’ Restaurant is ready to host a new edition of the “Cene Impossibili” on June 10th. This unique evening will be enriched by the presence of the well-known international chef Hans Neuner, who will bring his identity to the menu specially designed for the occasion. Neuner’s vision is based on four fundamental elements: Portuguese cuisine from the point of view of an Austrian, fish, traditional Portuguese recipes and the ingredients themselves.

This Impossible Dinner you will get the chance to experience a menu created by the famous pizza chef from Rome Pier Daniele Seu.

Seu in his restaurant: Seu Pizza Illuminati combines his creativity with his experience to makes pizzas with incredible toppings and flavors that play a role on imagination and experimentation, but also on memory; like the remembrance of childhood flavors and home recipes.

📍 Bros’ Trattoria

📅 Thursday 25 May at 20:30

Bros’ is devoted to the avant-garde and rooted in the territory. In 2018 it won the first Michelin Star in Salento. Directed by Floriano Pellegrino and Isabella Potì, it offers a gastronomic proposal based on the rhythm of the seasons of the year.

Spring/Summer 2023 edition available April 1

Bros’ Trattoria is an authentic and devoted trattoria, where technique and tradition come together. Dedicated to the slow pace, Bros’ Trattoria is our extended family, a mix of traditional and contemporary. The project is internally focused on the everyday. The menu is updated day by day according to the availability of produce from our garden.



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Sista is a project created by Chef Isabella Potì where the expression of her identity is embodied in a combination of flavor and taste; for the Spring Edition, the Chef has created 6 new tart flavors, available from April to June.


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Bros’ Land is the most visionary and fun event of the year. Food talk and techno music, famous and innovative guests. Created by chefs Floriano Pellegrino and Isabella Potì, two stars of modern gastronomy. We have no limits, everything will surprise you!